Collabora and Nextcloud on same VPS-host (Apache,Centos 7)

Has someone done or found an instruction to install and configure collabora and nextcloud on the same apache-server on a VPS-host? Reverse-proxy and loolwsd seem to be tricky!
I would like to see vhosts, reverse-proxy and loolwsd.xml?
Where can I find helpful commands to test loolwsd-service from the console?
Thank you for your hints!

This script is for Ubuntu but the Apache2 config should be the same. Or?

If you don’t mind change to nginx:

The main problem seems to be the sharing of the cert and key files between apache and loolwsd.xml. It is not clear to me, wheather the collabora-vhost and the loolwsd.conf should share the same certificates? How to realize this.
I get proxy errors when I use ssh false and termination true:
AH01097: pass request body failed to (localhost)