Collabora and issues with cloudflare in a restricted environment


I installed collabora now several times, now I am in an restricted environment with very strict firewall rules (only some ports are allowed in and out), I have no access to.

I am using self signed certificates, and installed the CA to /resources/config/ca-bundle.crt as it told me.
I installed the ca-cert to my firefox browser too and that works fine.
But as I am opening a document it sticks at: connecting to
After that I blocked cloudflare in noscript (a javascript blocker) the document loads fine.
How can I disable connections to cloudflare on the server itself, so other users doesn’t need to install noscript?

the link is in the following files in the container

I made a workaround:
I downloaded several jquery files and stored them on my own space as did the following:

docker ps -a to list the containers

docker exec -it /bin/bash

cd /usr/share/loolwsd/loleaflet/dist

grep -Hirn cloudflare * > ~/cloudflare.txt to check where are the links in that and replaced withsed -i the cloudflare links to my local device.
the same with:grep -Hirn googleapis * > ~/googleapis.txt and replace with sed.
after that you can export your image with
docker export <container-id> | gzip -vc > filename.tar.gz
import for a restore:
cat collabora.tar.gz | docker import - collabora/import

The firewall seems to be fine with the googleapis yet, but I am thinking about to “localize” the 3 js files too.

take caution if you try that, at one machine it worked at another not (connection error and it blew up).
If you nuked your container then reinstall it with:

docker ps
docker stop <running-ID> (on the first collumn)
docker ps -a
docker rm <all ids with this collabora/code>

and restart as usual/before