Collabora and editing files shared with a link

Hey I just switched from OnlyOffice to Collabora and now I notice that I can’t edit files that are shared with a link anymore.

I created multiple excel files and need to share them with other people who do not have an account on my server. These people need to be able to edit the sheets. Is this something collabora can’t do? Or did I miss a setting somewhere?

it works not aware of something special, just verified in my (dedicated) Collabora installation - if the checkbox “allow editing” is set anonymous user can edit without login


Yeah, I had that. And found that somehow the checkmark dissapears.
If I set it, then reload the page… it is gone…

I don’t have any idea what could be wrong. Did you test other ckeckboxes? Do they show the same issue? Maybe try another browser to sort out compatibility or maybe plugin issue be.