Collabora always saves everything. - no versionning


I just installed collabora with docker, running latest stable nextcloud (11.0.1) and collabora online (1.1.25)

First I have to say that revisions in collabora don’t seem to work at all. for any file, the only revision i can get is “Just now”.
I can modify a file, save it, modify it save it again, leave it, reoppen it, it will just show “Just now”.

Am I missing something ?

Plus the biggest issue is that every change anyone does is saved. When two people are editing at the same time, it shows modification real time, which could be very handy, except that every opened file that is modified then close will stayed modify even if at no point has anyone asked to save anything ! That is a major issue.

How could I fix this ? I think I don’t understand the expect behavior or I might face a bug somewhere…