Collabora admin console not updating users online/ Docs opened

I’m on Ubuntu 18, Nextcloud 14.3, Nginx, and Collabora/docker on a separate VM Ubuntu 18 Apache2.

All docs are working as they should be with no issues. The only problem is when I log in to the admin page nothing is being updated. Few months ago it was working fine. But some time during Nextcloud 14 and upgrading to 14.1, 2, and 3 it stopped working. Only thing that shows any updates is the CPU graph. Everything else is 0 or blank. I was hoping maybe collabora and docker needed updating but even after updating still same issue. Anyone else experiencing this? Any help would be much appreciated.


I solved the issue. Dumb mistake on my part.
I installed Collabora on the same VM as the Nextcloud and could not get things to work. So that was when I decided to install on a separate VM. But forgot to uninstall Docker and Collabora. So this whole time I was logging into wrong Collabora admin page. Deleted Docker/Collabora that was on the Nextcloud VM and logged into the correct Collabora admin page and its working.