Collabera Online install on same server with SSL (self signed?)

Hello, i have been beating my head against the wall with this.

I fully admit i am very wet behind the ears when it comes to Ubuntu i have had my owncloud/Nextcloud setup and running for over a year and now i am trying to set up Collabera Online and failing miserably. I installed the Docker image but fail to see how to get an self signed cert working.

I am wondering if there is any documentation on how to set this up that i can follow. Or any questions i can answer that will help out.

Ubuntu: 15.10
Nextcloud: 11
CO plugin: 1.1.16


Another question, do i HAVE to run with an SSL? i at the moment would rather NOT if i dont have to, if there are instructions for that i would appreciate it.

Thanks again.

if your NC11 is running on SSL collabora has tu use SSL aswell have you followed setup ?

you have a domain name setup for it ex. office.domain.tld you can use ‘sudo letsencrypt --apache -d office.domain.tld’ to get a certificate you need to have letsencrypt installed ‘sudo apt install letsencrypt’

cerificates will be created in /etc/letsencrypt/archive/office.domain.tld/.pem and symlinks will be created in /etc/letsencrypt/live/office.domain.tld/.pem use this last in your vhost configuration

edit: letsencrypt actually makes a sample vhost file for you in /etc/apache/sites-available/office.domain.tld-le-ssl.conf
and i think it also starts that site check /etc/apache/sites/enabled/ if the symlink exists.

I have some issues, im on a friends network and dont have access to port 443 to create it on. (if im reading the error right.

Also, i am NOT using SSL on my Nextcloud install.