Collab\Only office install


I’ve got a NC POC going (Running 13.05).
The POC requirement has changed to include a more collaborative requirement, so am looking at either Collab, or onlyoffice.

Has anyone got a good guide for either - I’m learning linux - Better than my origional posts here…

I’ve started on Collab, but have certificate errors (Was trying to use a purchased wildcard - Not a chance i can do this, so I’ll request a proper one!), which leads me to question 2 - How can i change the subdomain i use?

NC is

I want to rename the i have used for the collab…

I’d edit the doman name in the .conf i created for this, and then replicate this in NC Settings… anything else?

Can anyone guide through the difference on Collab vs Only office as well - For reference, we are a windows 10 estate, running office 365 mainly.

git clone nextcloud
cd nextcloud
vi inventory
sh ./
ansible-playbook nextcloud.yml

in the inventory you have to set the fqdn of the server and which office you want.
if you want to have nc13 you have to change next_archive = … as well. default is latest.
tested on digitalocean droplets and aws ec2s (ubuntu16/18,debian9,centos7)
if you are familiar with cloud-init look in the folder cloud-stuff. :wink:

onlyoffice and selfsigned certificates don’t work right now.
only run this on fresh installed maschines. i don’t want to be responsible for any damage to your existing machines.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I should have mentioned our POC in in use, and active for a few months… the server is up and running fine, bar collab (Certificate request sent).

I’ve broken my
But works… so not a major issue…

I assume that is to do with the apache reverse proxy setup done at initial stage… I’ll see if i can work that out at some point… Certificates first (CURL error 51 ATM…) then i’ll look into that.

I’m not one to make scripts, but i can unpick\tweak a few here and there, getting there slowly…

Most of the apps i set are working, just need a lot more testing, which i need to arrange with users - Just time limiting that, as this is one of many jobs i do in my role…

I’m still learning Linux, and apache - I’ve not touched Nginx as yet…

OK Certificates applied, and no errors in console, - I Am now up to and stuck a bit on:

“Unauthorized WOPI host. Please try again later and report to your administrator if the issue persists”