Coherence between the nextcloud folder in the terminal and the one in the nextcloud GUI

Dear all,
I have a question on the difference between the content of the nextcloud folder accessed via a terminal and the one depicted in the GUI interface. I have a nextcloud system runing on an openmedivault system. When I go to the path of the nextcloud folder and create manually a subfolder, Iit seems that this subfolder doesn’t appear in the GUI interface of nextcloud in the files list. In the other sense, this wors, when I do create a folder through the nextcloud GUI, then I can see it if doing a ls command in the nextcloud folder in a terminal.
Why such a difference ? An dhow to have a coherence between these two interfaces accessing to the same content ?

Nextcloud is not a classic file server.
All modifications are done by using webdav and all changes are written into the database.
If you add files to NC storage the backend (db) is not aware of it and therefor not shown in the web UI.

Please use the desktop sync client or any webdav client to add/modify/delete files of a Nextcloud server.

The only way to have coherence in Nextcloud is to use it’s clients for syncing files and folders as rakekniven said above. Or, you’ll have to manually run an occ rescan to get the changes noted everytime you use “not Nextcloud” to add or modify your files and folders.

Yes, exactly.