Code-Integritätsprüfung with errors

yesterday I got an error if I try to upgrade apps.
This error was:
Directory name must not be empty

Today I decided to do the upgrade of one app manually and I have done some changes cause of errors in nextcloud.log in the activity app related to:

On the ADMIN page am getting now:

Bei der Code-Integritätsprüfung sind Fehler aufgetreten. Mehr Informationen…

Checking that file the output is:

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • activity
      • lib/BackgroundJob/EmailNotification.php
  • announcementcenter
      • appinfo/info.xml

Raw output

[activity] => Array
[lib/BackgroundJob/EmailNotification.php] => Array
[expected] => d4663b9f60dfe238c55510e04daea4709f3f962de937290c2e0d8b90b7f9ee73ea9196156457d003c54080a534ef54658feb25c68f33933b315cc8050470d6fc
[current] => fd7f796fb131c4edc702056c4afdcdbe36f3d07d11c637740f178a604df648a4067a17e81962b6c0a088781d98c4ae7d62318495afc63bff62225e2acddfcdaf



[announcementcenter] => Array
        [INVALID_HASH] => Array
                [appinfo/info.xml] => Array
                        [expected] => 7e269a94719cbf542d47bbf4226c3737ce8e994dc5036e23db639db50e3c5c137ef4671422cb9decafc9871284b3477f1dfac9379b3bb90c5844bc79a4184a86
                        [current] => 608d1b2ea9fb96be7cda6e36ca38c3ae9a01568f917e9c37417081b910ab1768b9e69ebb3b8507f4b222378e1235ce98c1de305cba981a87aa73082250614200




How can it be solved?

Thanks for help

After I deleted those apps and copied it new the problem was solved.
Is it possible to get another solution then delete and copy apps again?

Not sure how you updated, if you are on a shared hosting, you could have run in a timeout and the setup didn’t complete its task. But without logs it is hard to tell.

I have updated the apps via the admin over webpage. There is the notification that there are updates and I klick on update. Thats it. Then the error messages comes up.
All applications are on the same host.
Yesterday I try to made an update of some apps again and again there were those error messages.
Even if I update contact or calendar app it seems to be that the apps activity and announcement center are effected as well.This time the way to solve it was different:

  1. deactivate the apps on admin page
  2. delete the app by by terminal
  3. delete all entries in mysql
  4. copy all apps again
  5. activate all apps again.
    Then all error messages are gone.
    I have the logfile nextcloud.log.
    How can I upload the logfile? It is not possible to add a simple textfile here.