CODE hosting alone?


I have a NC instance I’m using lot since ages (upgraded in the time to keep up with current version) and have been very happy with it. It’s hosted on one of my shared servers here in France. I’d like to add to it since a long time the edition capability in NC for local files (either with CODE/Collabora or LibreOffice online version). Unhappy both needs Docker to be installed and setup which I can’t do on a shared server !
I have searched around main NC hosters listed but none of them offers just CODE/Collabora or LibreOffice hosting that I could link to my NC ! Is it technically impossible ? meaning that both NC and the docker have to be on same host ? or security issues ??
I want only the editor hosting as my NC contains a lot of files (nearly one Tera) and so hosting of it on regular NC commercial hosters would be insanely expensive !

Thanks for suggestion and help


If you have access to your webserver (apache or nginx) then it is possible.

You must setup the proxy to the Collabora Server and if you cant then you cant use a collabora Server.

I have access at it but would prefer to avoid at maximum possible any modification in the apache not to mess the other customers on that same shared server !

Is it possible to do on shared hosting without generating problems in other website hosted on same server ? and it still keeps complete the problem to find a hoster of Collabora alone or Libre Office…


You must configure only your vHost to Nextcloud like here ->

We can offer you to order a small VPS from us and we install Collabora Online 4.0 for you for free. Or If you want a Managed solution we can offer you this with a managed VPS.

Just to be sure I fully understand it, I have to setup that extra vhost to do the link between my existing Vhost that hosts NC, and the docker that’ll run the Collabora ?

What would be the cost of such small VPS ? easy to update when Collabora pushes new main updates ? (you can contact me by pm, might be better for follow-up :wink:

Not a extra vhost, you must edit your vhost that is for nextcloud and include the proxy settings to your Collabora (VPS IP).

Done :slight_smile:

ah oki ! I’m just checking documentation there but it looks to be missing completely the setup of that proxy in case you use the binary packages supplied instead of using Docker one ! Any idea where correct instructions for that can be found ? Wants to try it this easy way (well lot easier than Docker !).
Thanks for pm, will answer you later for that :wink:

You always have to use the configuration, whether you use linux packages or docker. It is always the same.

Here are the packages instead of Docker. But always you need to have root access!