Cna't access Nextcloud on EC2 Instance (White page)

I sucesfully followed this guide (installing NC on AWS EC2 via Snap):

ubuntu 20.04
nextcloud 22.1.1

except nextcloud.occ config:systems:set trusted_domains command didn’t return anything so I manually went into config.php and edited that instead.

However, trying to access nextcloud via http://AWSInstancepublicIP, or my domain via https returns a blank white page.

If I try https://domain/nextcloud - I get ’ 404 Not Found’

What is going wrong here ?I see a YT tuotorial doing practically the same on AWS Lightsail and for them, they neither have an issue using .occ or any mention of this white blank page with nothing. problem.

ports are forwarded, SSH into server works.

For a white page, the error and access logs of your webserver would be interesting. Not sure in for the snap packages where to find this (normal server would be in /var/log a folder with http*, apache* or nginx*)

Haven’t read the article you linked, but:

The snap doesn’t install nextcloud into a subdirectory, so that part makes sense. There are scripts in the issue template if you care to log an issue, we can help you debug what’s happening here.