Cms_pico v0.9.7

A new version of the cms_pico app will be released within the next few days. This next version will fix a bug that makes your customs themes, templates and plugins to be deleted during an upgrade.

This is a notice telling you to backup your customs themes/templates/plugins before upgrading to cms_pico 0.9.7


Will you fix

then? :slight_smile:

not in this release :-]

Hey is there a future for Pico on Nextcloud? I would love to use it but its not supported in Nextcloud 15 /16

It works for NC 15 by editing the info.xml file and change version to 15. Have not tested 16 yet.
I have used these instructions. Workse very well.


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Ok. But couldn’t you update the app in the Nextcloud AppStore so it’s easier to install if I already have NC 15 and pico not installed before?

Would be alot better in my opinion because there is a smaller mistake rate when installing…

I think it has already been done. I got some indication from somewhere. You can try install and it should probably be accepted.

Actually I just made a fresh install of NC15 and installed CMS Pico and the app with no problems.