Cloudflare Tunnel

I have set up cloudflared on a virtual machine with ubuntu 22.04 and then set up nextcloud. Installation went perfect, I didn’t need to use certbot to get a certificate it just automatically pushes site to HTTPS , the issue I am having is the /.well-known/caldav error. I have followed every instruction I could find, but nothing seems to work.

I put the redirects in my apache2 conf file, put them in the .htaccess file, put in the default ssl file, although the default ssl file may not get referenced as the http file is my domain name.

Not sure next steps. The same goes with the strict transport error and secure connection when it clearly is.

for my understanding a setup with cloudflare is pretty advanced.

It’s not clear to me why you are using that as a home-user? What’s the benefit for you? Why are you running this advanced setup, probably opening more security flaws than you would have without it?

The OP is probably using the free tier of the Cloudflare Tunnel offering. (used to be called Argo tunnel). It’s a wonderful way to make a service live to the world wide web without fuss, particularly if your host is behind cgnat or other situations where you can’t port forward.
Is it ‘advanced’? In some ways, perhaps. But in most ways, it’s way easier than the other options and offers some very nice advantages.
In my case, I ran into issues with 524 errors that appear to be caused by the cloudflare tunnel timing out during large uploads to nextcloud (at least the ones I tried to store in external storage). I never got to the point of dealing with the caldav error. Sorry.

So most probably it’s a problem caused by cloudflare and hence not NC-related

I resolved all issues except the The “Strict-Transport-Security” HTTP header is not set to at least “15552000”, changed the max tie out from 360 to 36000 atleast until my iphone syncs all the pictures

Way easier, found changing the max time outs actually worked from 360 to 36000

cloudflare tunnel is actually easy, just add cloudflared to your linux server

Can you clarify where/how you made that change?

the php.ini file max_execution time following this install with my version of ubuntu 22.04 instead on proxmox with lots of searching found someone that mentioned it and it worked and my emails are syncing all 38,000 of them Nextcloud: Full Setup & Implementation Guide – Learn Linux TV