Cloud-Filehosting for existing office samba share

Currently we have a common Samba folder on our local server for all our business documents.

Currently you can only access this folder when you are physically in the office or when you access the network via VPN.

Now, some colleagues need the possibility to synchronize subfolders to their devices while on the road, without having to establish a cumbersome VPN connection.

Is there a possibility to change the given infrastructure so that this does not mean an additional change for the employees who still only access from the office?

Would Nextcloud be an option, or would all employees have to install the Nextcloud client in the future?

In general, an open source solution would be ideal.

Many thanks in advance.

You can use smb-shares via external storage on Nextcloud. Your employees can use the web interface, the sync client or just native webdav connection to access the files. Native webdav requires a internet connection while the client keeps a local copy.