Cloud erases files itself?!

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Nextcloud version (Nextcloudpi v1.34.1 ):
Operating system and version (Linux Mint):

The issue you are facing:

  • Since 01.01.2021 I noticed that the files on my ncp are not there anymore after each night when I open the nextcloud app on my phone in the morning. It looks like they got erased over night.

  • If I start my PC, then the files get synced again and are on my ncp and of course visible in the android app.

  • The next morning the files and folders are gone again!

  • So weird, any idea/hint what causes this behavior is much appreciated.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes, since 31.12.2020

How did you install? (link to how to or documentation followed)
Presumably snap or docker, as ncp installer is supported on Debian/Raspbian/Armbian Buster only.
Include output of ncp-report via pastebin or similar.

Thanks for your reply.
Not sure what exactly you mean? I am not super techi, but will try my best :slight_smile:

  • about 6 month ago I downloaded ncp from the ownyourbites website and installed it.
  • what do you mean by that? Include output of ncp-report via pastebin or similar -> I did a quick google research, but didnt find anything. Can I get that over the web interface?

thanks in advance!

I guess I found something: Is this what you were asking for?
<–! Paste this in GitHub report -->

NextCloudPi diagnostics

NextCloudPi version  v1.34.1
NextCloudPi image    NextCloudPi_03-28-20
distribution         Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l
automount            no
USB devices          none
datadir              /var/www/nextcloud/data
data in SD           yes
data filesystem      ext2/ext3
data disk usage      35G/117G
rootfs usage         35G/117G
swapfile             /var/swap
dbdir                /var/lib/mysql
Nextcloud check      ok
Nextcloud version
HTTPD service        up
PHP service          up
MariaDB service      up
Redis service        up
Postfix service      up
internet check       ok
port check 80        open
port check 443       open
IP                   ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
gateway              ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
interface            wlan0
certificates         ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
NAT loopback         no
uptime               42min