Cloud doesn't sync despite it saying all is synced

Hello community,

I’m using Nextcloud on my Macbook and at the moment I’m having huge issue with it. Despite it says ‘all synced’, I could not see the newest files shared by my team on my laptop.

I tried everything: resolving conflicts, force sync, deinstall and reinstall, restart… nothing works, I’m desperate because I need it to work. The only thing I could think of was that I accidentally moved one folder on the cloud to my desktop but I did move it back, ever since then it’s been having issue with sync.

On the desktop client settings you can choose what folders to sync. Have you made sure that the folder you’re trying to sync is checked?

Hey, I actually just tried uncheck the folder that I wanted to sync and checked again, but still doesnt work…

I would say this is a configuration issue either on the server or on your desktop client, since this would be a very impactful bug and I would have expected to see reports on Github.

What are the file extensions that you are trying to sync? I believe there are also settings that filter out certain extensions from being synced