"Clone contact" menu entry not found

I’ve just installed the latest Contacts app v3.3.0 on my Nextcloud 18.0.3 installation, which works as expected, except one single point. The release notes are mentioning “Add ability to clone contacts

I tried to find the related new menu entry as described here, but without success. I tested it with Firefox and MS Edge, but the entry is still missing:


Has anyone else tried to use this function or can tell me what I’m domig wrong here?

So funnily, we added this for read only contacts, because this was a use case we received.
But you’re the second one to ask this today.
Would you have a use for this option to be there all the time?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Ha, I never thought that this could be the reason for not seeing the menu entry :smile:

I like to minimize the need to enter similar data multiple times and therefore like to use the clone/copy function to create records. As a use case, try to enter the contact data of multiple persons, who are all working for the same company. The address data, company name, fax number etc. stays the same, only the contact name, title, phone number extension and email address might need to be changed. For the phone number extension and email address you can recycle most of the data too and only need to adjust it partly.

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