Client Won't Run In Windows 7 Except for 1st install

Hi All, I installed and opened the client in Windows 7. I ran the client after initial installation and all worked well. After restarting the computer now the client won’t run. I click on the shortcut and it won’t open or in the programx86 folder where it says application. There is no icon on the bottom bar for the client sync either.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client about 5 times and redownloaded the installer. It still won’t work. It is strange because the first time it ran perfectly now I click the button and nothing happens.

I tried to see in task manager if there was any tasks related to NextCloud client to stop but I couldn’t find any.

Any suggestions to solve this problem are greatly appreciated.

Please start the client with logging enabled:

Then report the error to the bug tracker:

Thanks, I tried clicking F12 as/after I clicked on the NextCloud icon but the log window won’t open either. I am using OwnCloud Client instead and seems to be working at this point.

You would rather use the way a bit further down the page, where you start the client via cmd-terminal and add the logging path.