Client (Windows) Version 3 Feedback

So I somehow prefer the older version but this is a matter of taste but a few things really anoy me.

  • There is no detailed Activity log (except that from click once on the task bar icon).
  • I get the message about an existing conflict and to click here for details but nothing happens on clicking.
  • Clicking on any activity log (click on task bar icon) entry, opens the web interface. This is annoying if there is e.g. a conflict. The entry doesn’t even show the full path of the conflicted file and clicking on it shows the webinterface (the start page, not even the affected file). It would be much more helpful if it would open the local folder.
  • The very prominent folder icon on the new task bar icon gui is quite useless if one has multiple folde syncs configured.
  • The pause all function got removed from the task bar icons context menu. Now 1 additional click is needed to pause all. It’s just one click but I use “pause all” regularly.

Same feedback for me. Why removing the Activity page, now it’s really hard to manage conflicts. And the “pause all” button was so usefull, why removing it. Hence I will keep the old version.


Completely agree with everything you said.

I had an additional issue where upgrading from 2.6.5 lost all but one of my synchronisations. And the last remaining sync wasn’t actually syncing properly. I had to remove then recreate it.

This happened on all three of my machines (desktop, laptop, and HTPC, all running Win10 Pro and Nextcloud client 3.0.1).

I haven’t seen this kind of regression with other client versions or upgrades, every previous upgrade has been flawless. And the UI changes are odd, and really feel like a backward step.


Ditto - I know that UI changes usually cause a backlash - but this UI change is just objectively bad…

I think that the UI was due for an overhaul - but the choices seem to combine a lack of functionality with an arbitrary navigation model.

Coupled with loosing 2/4 sync connections :confused:


Yeah, I try to be fair about UI changes, to distinguish between personal preference and broader utility, but these changes feel very limiting.

I mean, seriously, how is a folder icon that opens only the first of five connections useful? The first of my five connections is “instantupload” (for my phone’s Nextcloud instance), but my most used connection is number four (my work documents). There doesn’t appear to be any way to change it, or add additional icons. That large useless icon is just taking up space.

This is the first upgrade that actually lost connections. I hope Nextcloud isn’t now following Microsoft’s methods of testing!

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I had the same issue regarding loosing the syncs.

There is a big lack of functionality: When there are conflicts, in the older versions you can click on the folder symbol on the right of the activity-list. This brought your explorer directly to the folder whre the conflicting files reside and you could solve the conflict. Now a click on the conflict only opens the websurface. So now it is nearly impossible to clear the conflicts. Please bring back the old functionality.
And for me the activity-button next to the account was much better than in the right lower tasksymbol.
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I opened two isssues on Github (as I read, client developers are not really present in the forum).

Maybe it gets more important if you also add your oppinions there.

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I have to agree with everything said here. The activity log is unusable this way.

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They already are fixing some of the issues, they will be part of the next release.

same feedback here, but in addition, it’s incredibly slow and i cant figure out why.

and noooo, its not the connection nor the hardware (1000mbps, 8-core etc.).

I hope that they will add the one click “pause sync for X hours”, like OneDrive has.
I everyday have to pause Nextcloud sync because it does more than just slowing Windows Explorer

You can open a feature request for that on github.

Hell this 3.0.1 Client sux because of the reasons mentioned above, where are my conflicts ? No Space calculation possible , before last reboot it told i needed to download a month worth of my files now i dont know what the status is, it wouldnt continue, is it finished ? sad blackbox right now

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If you right click the icon and go to “Settings” you will see the old window.

Some of the old features are still there but its way more complicate to reach them.

Yeah - going to Settings to see this stuff is convoluted UI…
The NC Client 3 UI reminds me of the Control Panel in Windows 10: a strange mix of old and new in a confusing wrapper :confused:

I agree with everything you say. The 3.0.1 client didn’t even show all my sync connections (although it was syncing them all).

In addition not being able to move or resize the popup status window is a complete pain, as it often gets partly obscured by other non-movable and unstoppable popups. (Why does everyone assume their popup is the only one you will , have and the only one you want to always see regardless?!)

A very backward step overall, I think.

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Hey, does it still happen that the client is syncing but the taskbar icon shows a green checkmark (“synced”)?

Please also put your comment here

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same here, the new interface is uggly to say the best, like my english. And really not as functional as before. Also it does not respect colours (qt, plasma, wayland, etc) Anyone knows Any link or something to read about this deccision and why? Seems like a lot of steps back to me. Do not understand why update the software to make it worse.

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The main reason will be that the Windows Client does not run under Linux.