Client v2.3.1 not available for macOS?

The Nextcloud client download page states that the newest available client version is 2.3.1. The download link for Windows leads to “Nextcloud-”, so nothing special there. But the link for macOS is for “Nextcloud-”, so the old version. I couldn’t find it on either.
Has anyone a guess what’s wrong there or has anyone compiled it on his own?

Will let you know what’s happening soon :wink: Thanks for staying on top of this! :slight_smile:

2.3.2 will be available soon (in a week or so).

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Nice to see some progress here. Especially with the mac client there has been this problem with compatibility of ciphers.

This is currently in internal testing phase. Just to keep you guys updated.

I compiled the mac client for personal use but I have some problems of codesign-ing the package (it is not affecting using the app though.) My original post about this was on See here. Also I emailed @mario weeks ago in the hope that he could help us document this snippet in ./osx/ in the code repo, like how to add our personal identities rather than use nextcloud developers’ identities.

sudo ~/client_theming/client/admin/osx/ ~/install/ 59FA8948AEBAE3F2222AE9BC020D6DA31DF821A7
sudo ./admin/osx/ ../install/ . 6A588D031B2B63991A49DB9C98B4C846D6D0EAC4


Any updates on this? I’ve opened an issue over at github 3 weeks ago asking for the v.2.3.2 release.

There was also an issue for the v2.3.1 release from 8 April which was closed without solution.

Just in case you haven’t seen it has been released:

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Good news! Thanks for the efforts.

Happy hacking…