Client sync question

Hi, I am using NC 13.0.1.
One of my users is complaining about sync issue for some files.
On his computer (windows 10, NC version 3.0.2stable-Win64 (build 20200924), there is a single folder yellow.
Anyway, user noticed that others folders (which appear “green” on his computer) are still not updated with server’s content.
My question is: if there is a problem with a single file, does this prevents other folders to being updated?
Thank you


might not be 100% compatible anymore since NC13 is outdated since years. I really don’t know how far down backwardscompability would go with NC-win-client.

So maybe you’d first wanna put some thought into upgrading to 14 --> 15 --> 16 --> 17 --> 18. Also to be and a safe side considering security of your nc-instance.


thank you very much :slight_smile: