Client sync 2.5.1 not starting ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I am getting this issue with the latest sync clients in ubuntu mate 18.04:

I configure the sync client and confirm that I want to autostart with the OS. It works perfectly, but sometimes, the client does not starts. If I look for the app with a PS AUX, I see that it is running, but it doesn’t appears at the notification bar and it is not syncing. If I open the .CONFIG/NEXTCLOUD folder, I see files that mustn’t be there. When it is working, I can see COOKIES0.DB, NEXTCLOUD.CFG and SYNC-EXCLUDE.LST, and when the client doesn’t works, there are two or more NEXTCLOUD.CFG.* and NEXTCLOUD.CFG.LOCK.

The only workaround I found is to stop nextcloud app, delete all extra files at the config folder and then start the client.

This happens since the client update to 2.5 version, previous versions where working.

If someone have any ideas, I would be grateful :blush: