Client should not use the same directory for different accounts

I recently changed my computer and set up my three nextcloud accounts. Unfortunately I did not specify different directories for each account. As result, all accounts got mixed up and all files where shared over all accounts.

So the client should check and warn the user, if he sets up a new account and the new account want’s to use a local directory, which is already used by another account and for default should suggest another directory.

Fortunately I had a fresh backup of my sync folders, so I could fix it manually.

If you have 3 accounts the assumption is that you know what you are doing! However this sounds like a great idea. Nextcloud is still not contributing to the ownCloud Client development, so I would suggest to open the feature request over there.

Of course I should know, what I am doing and most of the time, I do. :wink: But im my case I was to fast in setting up the account.

But if I understand you right, i have to create issues in the owncloud windows client project, even if I use the nextcloud client?