Client requires credentials at every start

Hi there!

I have Nextcloud client on my Android phone and Windows machine and both works fine. I have problem with Linux AppImage client v. 3.5.4: client rerequests to grant access on every os start! Today I checked nextcloud client on 3 linux distros: KDE Neon, MX Linux and Fedora. On Neon and MX Linux there is this issue but on Fedora it works fine! On first two distros I can’t even click on Settings button - no reaction…


PS. Version 3.5.1 of the client works fine on all 3 above linux distros.

There have been a few reports for the linux client. There is even one regarding the Linux AppImage that was fixed recently and the fix will be in version 3.6.0:

There is a pre-release (Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub), you can download here:
However, be very careful. The best is to use this just in a test environment / test user and to have a full backup of everything.