Client Nextcloud


We are using your product are we are satisfied.
But like one day at week the client Nexcloud disapear and don’t work.
And we need to run again your application…
We are using 2.5.1final (build 20181204)
Did you have some reasons or juste the issue :smile:

Tks :slight_smile:

please provide more Information !

Where disapeared the client? What do you mean with “disapear and don’t work.”?
Any errors in the log files?

Excuse me.
Nexcloud don’t RUN… if we try to found Nexcloud arroud the clock.nothing and we need to start again the client.

My computers are servers (windows 2012 R2, windows 2016)
i’dont have error with Nexcloud.
We have like 3 servers like that with Nexcloud