Client needs reauthentication at every user login

Running nextcloud 20 and 3.1.2 linux desktop client.

I set up a new linux/mint20/ubuntu20 machine and now whenever I login to a user on that machine with the nextcloud client lanching at login the nextclould client must reauthenicate every time (brings up default browser). This has not been the case with my former os install where once authenticated it’s good to go over user logout/login.

I don’t know how this newer authentication works (via browser) but I suppose whatever token that nextcloud client generates is not being saved appropriately and thus at the next login it asks to authentication again.

What is the solution to this issue? Can someone explain this newer authentication process? Maybe I could track down the issue if I understood better.

My default browser is a secure flavor of chromium if the token is stored within the browser’s cookies/cache/storage maybe that is the issue? i.e. does the default browser matter?

Recently experienced a similar issue on ubuntu.
Fixed by installing libsecret-tools apt package, which add binary command /usr/bin/secret-tool