Client folders inside admin's home folder?

I have installed NextCloud for the first time in my life and I can not make it to behave like I want.

I would like to have an admin account, who has a lot of client folders inside of his home folder.
I would also like to have a few client accounts, but their home folders should be those client folders inside the aforementioned admin folder.

This way I could log in as admin, go into a client’s subfolder, upload a file and mail them.

I do not want to add a folder as an admin and share it with the client, because this way, when the client logs in, he will see an empty screen, except for that one shared folder. He then needs to enter the shared folder as first interaction every time he logs in.
I also do not want to impersonate other accounts every time I want to upload something, thats just cumbersome.

Is what I want to achieve actually possible?

Basically you can do it like this:

You create a folder for each “client”.

Now you don’t share the folder with that “client”, just the single file each time you add one. The “client” (ideally with a guest account) then sees the file in its root folder.

Hope that helps,
much luck!

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Yes, that could probably work, but its quite a workaround… I expected more of famous nextcloud…
(I am really sorry if I sound douchy. Probably my case is more fringe than I would imagine?)

I have found I can share a direct link to a folder and password protect it. This way the clients do not even have to create an account. I can thus make a folder for each client as admin, generate a separate share link for each of them and then send them their individual folder’s urls.

Thanks for taking your time, though!

I do not really understand your problem. But maybe you like the app Guests (video). Advantage is that the user can set and reset his password using his e-mail address in the form of a self-service.

But I also use password protected folders from time to time. In that case the URL is the “username” and the password is the password. Thus everything is good. So that the user does not pass on the password, you can use a combination of username and password as password, e.g. morph3us!top4secret!11!eleven!elf!donotshare$

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More than multi billion dollar companies like Microsoft or Google can offer? In this case, your expectations may indeed be to high. :wink:

But seriously, how is this supposed to work without some kind of user account system in the backend? Everyone does it this way, the difference with Nextcloud is that you are hosting the backend yourself and therefore you are the one that has to take care of it.