Client App on iPhone/iPad & Privacy


I am using an iPad for graphic work and I am really distrustful of any Apple products when it comes to privacy. Everything on my iPad is registered under pseudonyms.

My NextCloud on Linode account however has some real identity associated to it. So, as I am considering installing the NextCloud client app on my iPad, I am curious as to whether the iOS will somehow be able to capture any of my NextCloud credentials, should I use the client app.

Do you have any info on that? Thank you.

Apple as creator of iOS will for sure be able to access any of inputs.
But you can disable key ring of iOS to save your credentials. And you better do not use your credentials to log in inside the app.
Better create app password for each app connecting to your NC.

Could you elaborate on that one? Iโ€™m not sure to understand the setup youโ€™re suggesting. Thank you :slight_smile:

Please read