Clicking on a folder redirects to the cloud root folder

In my cloud, I face the issue that I often (not always) cannot access a certain (shared) folder. When clicking it (correct URI is visible shortly), it immediately redirects to the root folder instead of opening the requested folder. I only see this for ONE specific shared folder of that cloud. nextcloud.log has nothing resulting from such clicks.

Nextcloud version: 26.0.1
Operating system: Arch Linux
Webserver: NGINX 1.22.1
PHP: 8.2.6

So it works sometimes, but doesn’t fail every time? Weird.

Anything in the browser console?

(If it’s a frontend issue it’s possible it’ll only show a problem there).

If you see it again, may want to report it in a new Issue as a bug:

No. I will report it, yet without log data and without being able to reproduce, there’s little to report. I just thought to post it here since I had it several times over the years already and was curious whether other people see it, too.