Clearing out database

Good afternoon everyone,
I have question that may have a quick answer. I am pretty new to Linux and Nextcloud so pardon my inexperience question. Is there an extension in Nextcloud or a command in Linux to wipe out all of the information stored in the database in a routine manner (in my case I have MariaDB installed)? I hope that my clients will be able to share documentation securely but not have my NextCloud server be a repository of files/data. Is there an extension that Nextcloud offers or is there a list of commands to clear out the files stored in the MariaDB? Thank you for your help!

No - and it wouldn’t work, as the oc_filecache, the table in the database, where all file locations are stored, are essential for NC to do it’s work. Files that get deleted, will also get their references in the database deleted. Messing around with the oc_filecache table is a receipe for desaster, as far as NC is concerned.

Thanks for the response Budy. I may have misunderstood where the files are being stored -apparently not in the MariaDB. To rephrase my question, end users who have access to NC in my environment will be acquiring information from other users. Is there a script or NC plugin to routinely flush out the files for each NC user account that is gathering files over time? I do not want my end users to use NC as a files repository so it would be helpful to do a file flush each month. I hope that clarifies my question.