Clear Conversation From Public Consistant Chat Room, Without Deleting The Room

Is there a way to clear the actual chat itself from the publicly created chat room without deleting the whole room, or having it refresh after a set amount of time or upon guests leaving? and to have the option to receive push notifications to your device with every added comment? I like a lot of the features of Rocket-chat and a saw that there was some discussion about integrating the two, but I imagine that it will end up just being Nextcloud Talk with the the same features built into it… Having the ability to do what I described above would allow for users to embed the shared link into a websites “customer chat box” and having a room that is consistently open receive notifications to a business owners device. I think this would add a lot of value to the nextcloud talk feature…

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I have the same question / feature request.
The owner / creator of a chat room should be able to clear prior messages.
At least everyone should be able to delete his/her own messages.

This is implemented, see 🗑️ 💬 Clear chat history - Backend by nickvergessen · Pull Request #5889 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub