Cleaning core error from migration


I’ve noticed a core error every two minutes :
Error core Exception while scanning storage "webdav::toto@XXX.175.1XX.XXX:XXX///": Sabre\HTTP\ClientException: Empty reply from server

I guess it’s an old setup to connect an external webdav to my legacy owncloud server. With the migration to Nextcloud i cannot find where to setup or delete this external storage.
In admin “External Storage” remains empty…

Any idea to update or delete this ?


I had the same issue from an old owncloud extension for mounting hubic drives.
take a deep breath, backup, then jump into your database.
assuming your tables prefix is ‘oc_’,
look into the table oc_external_mounts and the others oc_external_{{something}} to find the bad entry;
then carefully remove it.
and Voilà.

regards. :slight_smile:

Works well thanks for the tip.