Clean install via Plesk results in login loop

On a rather fresh virtual Ubuntu server, I installed NextCloud using Plesk Obsidian. The install goes through without any complaints or errors. However, when I try to login for the first time, I end in a loop, always coming back to the login page. There are no errors.


  • Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
  • Plesk 18.0.40
  • Apache 2.4.41
  • php 8.0.13
  • MariaDB 10.3.32
  • Plesk NextCloud package 1.6.1-109
  • NextCloud

I read many posts about similar problems. Some people in similar situations report that a mobile app login works. Not in my case.

Let me add that the nextcloud.log file is empty. The Apache error.log doesn’t contain any relevant entry either.