Clarification about affect versions in security advisories

I have a question about the security advisories, namely how to interpret the versions under “Affected Software”. Two recent ones list the following:

1 (

Nextcloud Server < 14.0.0 (CVE assignment pending)
Nextcloud Server < 13.0.6 (CVE assignment pending)
Nextcloud Server < 12.0.11 (CVE assignment pending)

2 (

Nextcloud Server < 14.0.0 (CVE assignment pending)

Which, if any, of these affects our installation, version 13.0.6?

My initial interpretation was that 1 affected any major 13 version less than 13.0.6 (13.0.0 - 13.0.5), since there are entries for each of the major versions (12, 13, 14). However, a colleague pointed out that it’s unclear what 14.0.0 would mean then, since there aren’t really any version less than that in for major version 14 (unless you count things like beta).

I’m also not sure how to interpret 2, since it only lists a version number for major version 14. This could be interpreted as only major 14 versions are affected or that 12 and 13 also are affected, since they are “less than” 14.