ClamAV not showing up in Backend


i ran the install daemon of ClamAV but the Anti Virus is not Showing up in Backend of Nextcloud.
As you documentation is the same as:
This one, i though i may ask here?

It shows not up in APP Page, i recently hat a migration from owncloud to Nextcloud :slight_smile:

System: Debian 8.x
PHP Version: 7.0.12
Max Execution Time: 3600
Upload max size: 16.0 GB

Type: mysql
Version: 5.5.53

Nextcloud: v 10.0.1

No one has and Idea?

You could check your logfiles for errors. Also keep in mind that the app is not bundled by default in NC so that you have to download it first (or you risk to run the version suitable for the old owncloud version which is probably not compatible:

Hm. Crap. Why is the Documentation so outdated? â€Ļ