Circles: Show all shared files in one folder


I have a circle wich is sharing files, they

a) should not be edited from another person AND

b) they should only be accessible as long as the person is member of the circle AND

c) they should be listed in one place / folder (probem is, that shared files all appear in the root directory).

I tried everything I can think of like groupfolder app, shared folders, also sharing via talk but found no solution.

Has anyone an idea for this complex use case or for one of the points mentioned?


okay, just realized that the solution is very simple - great!!!

  1. I created a circle
  2. all files shared in this circle are under Files → menu on left side → circles

wow, I like NC :slight_smile: :grinning:

changed the topic of this post

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Nextcloud files shared to circles.
Not in Nextcloud HUBII version 23. Right? When will this be enabled again? Or if it schould work, how can admin enable it?