Circles not listed in sharing list of mobile & desktop client


I am able to create and share to circles successfully from Nextcloud web.

However, when sharing to circles using mobile (Android) and Desktop (windows) clients, my circles is not listed in the sharing list along with users like what I experience in web. As a result, we are unable to make use of circles as a good app/features for sharing.

Nextcloud :
MySQL : 5.7.25
Circles : 0.16.4
Mobile client (Android) : 3.6.2
Desktop client (Windows) : 2.5.2

Between, I hope to know whether this is an issue (which it suppose to work) Or sharing to circles is yet supported/available in mobile & desktop client.


As far as I know this isn’t supported yet while I don’t know if this is planned in the near future, so pinging @tobiasKaminsky for Android if this is something planned for a future release.

Hi @tobiasKaminsky , any comments for it to be supported?

The feature is quite essential for sharing purpose because not all organisations can have rights to create and share via Nextcloud groups, group admin also requires “admin” group in order for them to create group, so Circles is the best alternative for individual user to create their reusable sharing list. So when come to mobile & desktop client app, the created Circles sharing list becomes essential for sharing through client apps.

Thank you.