Circles integration in talk app (add extern Users in a group-chat using circles)

I’m trying to group external users together in the CIRCLES app and later invite them to a group chat in TALK (A school class). In the input mask to add participants in Talk I can also find the created CIRCLE. But if I click on it, it will not be added and therefore the participants will not be sent an invitation.

A) Am I doing something wrong?

B) Is the embedding of CIRCLES in TALK not finished yet. Is this not supported yet?

C) Or is this a bug?

Thanks for your answers, help and suggestions

Nextcloud version 18.0.3
Circles app: 0.18.5
Talk app: 8.0.8

PHP Version: 7.3.16

Possibly C. Circles are supported by Talk. I’m able to use them. Look into your Nextcloud logs (search for how to do this). Possible the problem lies with the fact that your users are external. Example, Nextcloud Talk does not support federated external users, even if the Circles app does.

Yes, as I mentioned above, these are external users. Supposedly the CIRCLES app supports external users.

So I added external users in CIRCLES and I wanted to invite this CIRCLE to a group chat afterwards. This does not seem to work. I can’t find anything in the logs.

Should I report this as a bug?

You can start a group discussion and invite other user as guests via shared url.
See this issue on inviting people to public vs. private rooms

It is known that you can only use Nextcloud Talk to invite users on your own server. There is also the possibility to add guests via shared url.

Thanks for your help Just.
If I understand it correctly the feature to invite external users to a group chat through a circle in Talk is not implemented yet.

I know all the other procedures. Thanks for the hints

I have written something about this in Github. (

The basic groupware apps, such as Circles and Talk , should be more closely interlinked. If I group external users in a circle and share a file or folder with them, this works best. It should also work that way in Talk. Otherwise this confuses.

Cheers Frank

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