Circles for external link: remove permissions

In Circles, when bulding a circle of external contacts via emails, for persons without a Nextcloud account, it would be nice to have a way to remove permissions to one of the persons.
Example: you share a folder with 10 external persons via a specific Circle.
Now if you want to remove permissions to one of those 10, you have, to my knowledge, no way to do it besides deleting the shared link and generating a new one without that person.
The other solution is to create 10 URL shares, one for each, write down which one is for who, and remove the shared linked for 1 specific person.
It’s a bit tedious, if you have, say, 50 persons.
One way would be to force the recipients to identify with a username like their email address that was used in the Circle. It could be banned when trying to access the folder.