Circles and the strategy behind

I already asked in the German forum but this post does not appear under “Latest” or “New”. So I post here again:

@frank ?

One new thing is that every user can create circles, you don’t need to be admin or group admin.

Ideally it works as well with federated clouds but I never tested it.

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I am the main developer working on Circles and I am sorry that your german post had no answer earlier but I do not speak german :-]

As @tflidd said, the base idea of the app was to make groups manageable as a user level. Now please note that Nextcloud (as a company) let me work on that project on my own and that I have a vision of a decentralized Internet. This is why you can link remote circles together.

The app itself needs a lot of more work, but one of the ‘strategy behind’ is that any app could use the Circles’ API to share ‘items’ to remote clouds.


Wow, thanks a lot @Cult and @tflidd for some clarifications on this point! :+1: :grinning:

With my German posting I hoped to get a statement of @frank regarding his visions of Nextcloud together with technics like Circles … unfortunately he did not hear me. :wink:

Ah, here I found some interesting facts … also regarding Circles. Developed together with 4 partners???

He gives quite a few talks, some of them are probably available online. I remember there was a german podcast right after the fork of Nextcloud …

Yes, exactly this is what I mean … and I’m missing the continuation in 2017. :no_mouth:

Come to the Nextcloud conference, there you can have a word with him and the other developers.

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