Circles 0.12.0 - Semantic, Security features & Linked Groups

@lars-becker can you try ?

after upgrade you can fix this bug with:

./occ circles:fixuniqueid

keep me updated !

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On the instance I manage I already fixed the problem with editing the SQL database. To the system where the problem still persists I have no administrative access. I try to convince the host to test the update and inform you afterwards.

@Cult I remembered that my private installation had some issues, too, when I played with circles there.
I tried the fix there. It didn’t work. I tried above command. In the overview there where no circles, but when I tried to recreated a circle with the same name I couldn’t, because there already was a circle with this name. Via the activities view I could get to the page to join the circle which didn’t worked, since it told me I already was a member. Afterwards I tried occ circles:clean which made things worse. The activity view is unusuable until I deactivate the circles plugin. If you need a partitial database dump let me know how I can send it to you privately.

In the meantime: is there a way to delete all circles related data on a hosted site? I would rather recreate them, so that people can work with them, than to try to fix it there.