Circle don't follow some condivision rules

I checked “Restrict users to only share with users in their groups” in admin menu, but with circle you can create a group with user not in your group and then share files with people on external group.
Is it supposed that the program should work like this?

I’m using Nextcloud 12.0.3 Stable
I am looking to do this: a user could share files with only people in their own group, and could not share with people that isn’t in the same group.

Is there a way to do this? I can’t find it.
The only way that came to my mind is to create different servers, but it’s a waste of resource if it’s used by small groups of people, my typical use case.

Circles needs this feature, I will have a look to its implementation.

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Thank you very much @Cult , I need it soo much :star_struck:

keep me updated