Cient problem with android 4.0.4

I just set up a fresh nextcloud. www server works with personal SSL certificate.
connection works fine from my phone.

however, when trying to connect from my ebook reader with androird 4.0.4, it just tells me that there is an error.
(connection to my former owncloud server worked fine)
any ideas how to proceed?

Good evening nepau,

There isn’t a way for people here to help if you don’t give any further information. What do you mean connecting from your ebook reader? How are you doing this, with WebDAV? What version of Nextcloud are you using? What is the error? No one will have an idea of how to help if we don’t know the error. Let us know more information like that and someone may have an answer for you!

the server runs NC 12
on the ebook reader I downloaded the nextcloud client apk (1.4.2) for android from f-droid and installed it.
when starting the NC client and entering the server address (before being able to enter username and password) , it says that no authentification is possible.
(yesterday it had just said that there is an error)

NC12 requires Android client 1.4.3. :slight_smile:

ok, good to know.
any idea when it will be available on f-droid?

btw: file sync works fine between NC12 and modern android

It won’t be due to Google Play services requirement. 1.5 will be available in a month, month and a half.

In the mean time you could use:

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