Chrome forgets Nextcloud URLs much faster then GSuite URLs

I use the Chrome addressbar prediction a lot.

At work we use GSuite. If I enter “teame” in the chrome addressbar, I get
the URL for the doc with the title “teamevent brainstorming”.

At home I use Nextcloud.

But for unknown reason chrome “forgets” URLs from Nextcloud much faster than from GSuite.

I have not used the URL with the title “teamevent brainstorming” since weeks. Nevertheless Chrome does great and correct guessing.

I have a doc in Nextcloud called “List of possibilities”. After roughly three days chrome does not predict the URL to the doc in Nextcloud anymore.

I hope and guess that google is not handling URLs unfair here.

Question 1: Do have have noticed this, too?

Question 2: Is there a reason why Nextcloud URLs get forgotten earlier?