Chrome app causes problems with sync client

Nextcloud version 28
Operating system and version Koozali SME (CentOS 7)
Apache or nginx version 2.4
PHP version 8.0

NC Sync client (current stable release as of 2024-06-05)
MacOS Sonoma (14.5)

A directory holds five files and the directory is shared with an NC Group. The group members can see and edit all five files.

A new user was given an account. When logging in for the first time, the user followed the instructions to download the Chrome app. However, for this project we use the NextCloud Sync client. The project manager has a thing about googlings.

The user used the Chrome app to edit two of the files. The Chrome app on the user’s system shows all five files.

The user installed the NC Sync client at the request of the project manager. The NC Sync client target folder on the user’s system has only three of the five files.

The user and the project manager insist that NextCloud is not functioning correctly. [Sigh]

Inspection of the user’s local system using the terminal clearly shows all five files in the target sync directory. However, the Finder app displays only three of the files.

Can someone explain to me why these two apps would be in disagreement? And what I can do to straighten this out?

Finder specifics. If there are files in the directory, and Finder was able to process only some of the existing files, then try killing all Finder processes (killall Finder) and again point to the directory that this program could not process immediately.