Checking for changes in remote

I have 400 GB of files on nextcloud (120,000 files), and while my windows client is downloading it will download for a while and then say “Checking for changes in remote” and go through all the folders which takes about 20 min or so, and then start downloading again.

I have two questions…

  1. Is there something set up wrong or configured wrong that would cause it to keep checking for changes?

  2. Am I asking nextcloud to do something its not meant to do? Is this too many files for it to keep up with?


I don’t know, I also find that checking for changes is very slow if you have a lot of folders. I am not sure why it checks in sub-folders of ignored directories too, maybe I should specify as /folder/* rather than just /folder/ but not sure.

I am having the same problem with much fewer files, around 60GB. I am finding that this makes the windows client pretty much unusable as It takes several hours to check every directory before a new file is uploaded.

This is my testing on Windows nextcloud client.
add a full path to global Ignore in Nextcloud client BEFORE the path exists in local or remote storage eg C:\nextcloud\path
add files to ignored path on local, eg C:\nextcloud\path
filesize reported as 0kb in nextcloud client, no upload, no slow file scanning, ok
untick ignored path in nextcloud client, local files will be deleted - this is usually not what the client wants I think.
manually copy the local files to the ignored path while unticked in client, files are scanned, slow file scanning, bad
re-tick the path in nextcloud client, files will start being uploaded - even though on ignore list! surely this is a bug

after these steps things get confusing and it becomes hard to get a predictable outcome as every time I tick the box of an ignored folder, that folder will start uploading and even reloading nextcloud wont stop it from trying later. And this is a path in the ignore list, so I am sure this is wrong or I did something wrong in my testing.
It means that once you toggle a box on the client with a path in the global ignore list it will become a permanent problem of scanning or uploading that you can’t go back to normal from.

I have lots of global ignore paths but I get a lot of directory checking all the time within those paths and I am just lucky that my setup is working at all I think. If I hadn’t messed around with toggling path tickboxes I think it would be perfect, but I can’t see a way out without redoing the local nextcloud client setup.

maybe most of my problems stem from using the backslash instead of forward slash? I just copy the path from explorer (which is all backslash) into the ignored files and I assume this is okay because nothing says otherwise.

update: do not use backslash. do not use drive letter. But this was not causing my remote checking problem so it us unrelated. What to use is here Better windows client examples for ignore rules

after a lot more testing I have no conclusion. I thought I was working things out but now I am back to the same setup I had before and there is no remote scanning.
I disabled Previews on some of my external mounts, not sure if that helps.
I removed an S3 external mount and maybe that was causing this, but I have no idea.
I have an external SMB mount nested into folder shared with me, seems ok.
Maybe it was some of my files being Read Only? Windows says they are mixed status and I unticked the box to do recursive unset them all… who knows.

Guys, I’m having the same issue with NextCloud 20, almost two years later this issue was posted here. Any advance on that? Did you guys managed to deal with it?

All guys having this issue are running on a SMB external storage?

I am facing the same issue, Has anyone come up with a solution? It is taking longer time to check for changes in remote. Many issues are caused by Nextcloud Client software. Is there anyone who works only on the web and not on Nextcloud Client software?