Check which apps will break in case of an upgrade


does somebody know how to check which apps will be not tested or break for a next upgrade?

My own solution would be to get all apps via occ app:list and afterwards crawl the app store website to check the status for the given release. But before I start to code I would like to check if there is already a good solution for this.




There is an info in the admin overview settings page telling you exactly this bit of information.

Yes, that’s true but in this case it’s too late because the upgrade has already done. So I would like to check it before an upgrade is happened.

you understood me wrongly here - this is displayed on the admin settings page where you would start the update, so at the place where it notifies you of a new available version. There is also states e.g. that some of your apps are lacking compatible versions for the ugrade.

@simonspa This is interesting. You are right but I do not have got such update info or possible there. Must this be enabled?

Do you have your Nextcloud installed as snap or NCP ?

@szaimen I am using the official docker image with an nginx reverse proxy.

What is NCP. Nextcloud production?