Check for expected files Update error (But they don't exist!)

I got this error when trying to update 19.0.0. to 19.0.9 (I know, I have a few versions to catch up…:

Check for expected files. The following extra files have been found:

Now I’ve read a number of posts about this where they suggest you just move or delete the files. The problem is, these files don’t exist on my server (searched the file explorer and did a grep content search and a MySQL table search - there are no instances of “.htaccess-VVVVV” or “php.ini.NNNNN”). The folder, cgi-bin did exist and was empty so I deleted it; but it was still not removed from the error message when I tried to update again…

Any ideas?

The errors are usually onyl shown for files and directories places in the Nextcloud document root directory or any sub-directory, based on the given path. If such an error is shown the referred directory or file defintely exists in the given place and need to be removed.
Please keep in mind, that using a file explorer app is not the best way to search, because it might be configured in a way to hide e.g. . (dot) files, like .htaccess-*.