Chat notifications Android


using Nextcloud server 17.0.3 and Android App 8.0.3, running in Android 10, I have lost lately the notifications in my phone.

These are the things I have tried so far:

  • Check battery options in Android: Talk app being not controlled by battery administration, app not being inactivated, etc. Nextcloud App has same configuration and receives always the notifications (as for the second factor for authentication).
  • Remove cache and data and reconfigure the app: after doing this, the notifications start to work again but after some minutes the notifications are missing again.

I know this is a problem on my device because other users can receive notifications for Talk properly, in Android and IOS, but I cannot find where the issue is. Any idea? Is there any way I can enable a debug mode in the Android app so I can check deeper?


Quite strange but after enable the sound for the chat notifications, I receive them again. I switch sound off, having only the vibration and they do not appear anymore.

I will keep testing it.