Chat is not working in OnlyOffice Community version

Chat functionality is not working in the community version of the document server. You may type any text, but it is not shown.

Me too. Comments are working in real time.

Same issue here. + sometimes trying to chat is generating this error in the log:

OCA\DocumentServer\Document\DocumentConversionException: namespace error : Namespace prefix

seems as if someone needs to file an issue on github… and then relink the filed issue here to the forum…
thanks in advance

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my bad, those log entries are generated when the nextcloud cron task is being processed, every 5 mins exactly in my case with no relation to the chat feature in OnlyOffice (that just does not work - at all - so far).

Those log entries stop appearing as soon as the onlyoffice server + interface apps are being disabled and uninstalled from the nextcloud instance.

i’m fairly new to this, so I don’t really know how to file an issue on GitHub. any best practice or url link to a correctly formulated filed issue so I can do it properly?

i searched a bit over there and found this existing issue

maybe it’s exactly what you guys are referring to?
if yes it would be nice if you could provide more info to that existing one. if not, just open a new one and describe your setup, environment, config as detailed as possible… it’ll help devs to detect what’s groing wrong or what’s missing…

I also noticed that in NC 18.0.0 the OnlyOffice chat is not working … and the NC native chat is not enabled when working with OnlyOffice, I added the following comment:

github issue

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